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All Volunteers

All volunteers are expected to keep an eye on things like:

  • Keep hall & corridors clean, pick up rubbish, help deal with spills etc.
  • People looking lost, confused or upset – check in with them to see if they need help, direct them to appropriate areas
  • Make sure you check in when your shift starts and check out before you leave your area with your area supervisor
  • Approach your area supervisor if you have any questions
  • Lost property and lost kids can be found at the registration desk

Front Desk and Registration

Reports To: Section Lead


You’ll be the first friendly face that attendees see as they come in the door, and giving a first impression to help set the atmosphere. You need to be OK with cash handling and EFT-POS, though help will be available – at worst just a phone-call away and we’ll pair more experienced people with you if this is your first time. 

We will have laptops or iPads on-hand for people to register, you will be expected to help attendees if required.

You’ll be involved with Prize Draws and Golden Tickets, including taking prize-winners photos
All children under the age of 14 are required to have a responsible adult on site – we’re not providing daycare.

You’ll also be doing an approximate survey of how many attendees are in the venue.
Please arrive 5 min early for your shift to allow smooth hand-over.

The primary objective for front desk volunteers is to ensure everyone attending the con feels welcome.  All in all though just be yourself. Be friendly, don’t feel like you have to have all the answers, just help people feel comfortable and involved. If you don’t know something, ask a committee member.

Volunteers Required: 6 volunteers for 10am - 10:30am, 2 volunteers thereafter

Shift Length: 4 hours