Wellycon is Run by Volunteers

You probably already know that Wellycon is New Zealand's biggest, fun, friendly board game convention. What you may not know is that it is run 100% by volunteers!

Wellycon volunteers play a vital part in the viability of our two annual events, Wellycon and Mini Wellycon. Volunteers are the ambassadors for the event: the smiling face welcoming attendees, the knowledgeable game players that help create a unique atmosphere, and our champions helping spread the word of what Wellycon is all about. 

We know volunteers come from all walks of life and have varying interests. Some can only do one or two shifts throughout the weekend; others may choose to dedicate themselves to the whole event. It’s up to you! What everyone can agree on is that volunteering at Wellycon is a fantastic way to participate in and give back to the gaming community, meet like-minded people, and have a great time.

Expectations for all Volunteers

The primary objective for the volunteer is to ensure that everyone attending the convention is as involved as they want to be and having fun. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the different areas and activities happening throughout the event.

Our advice for volunteers? Be friendly. Don’t feel like you have to have all the answers or know all the games. Help people feel comfortable and involved. 

Volunteer Registration

Creating fun is serious business! Wellycon has always depended on volunteers, and we need heaps of friendly, committed ambassadors to ensure its success. You  can volunteer for as long as a day or a little as a couple of hours. Most volunteers do it for the love of being involved, but we like to recognise your time and effort, so there is usually a bonus for being part of the crew.

Check out our Volunteer Info Pack to see what kind of roles are available and apply to volunteer.