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What is WellyCon?

Started in 2008 by a passionate board-gamer, the con is run by a core group of volunteers with the aim of growing the board-gaming community in the country.  Wellycon attracts around 1,000 people over the weekend and has grown every year.

Wellycon is the largest board gaming convention in New Zealand and, aside from the Armageddon convention is the largest gaming convention in the country.

The events revolves around a library of board games, card-, dice-, tile-based and other games brought along by the attendees e.g. Settlers of Catan, ticket to ride, mainly in the ‘modern’ board games genres – Eurogames and American-style board games. Participants select a game, find some people who would like to play and a suitable table and go for it.

Originally holding only one event per year, the WellyCon team now host multiple events across Wellington and on Sommes Island.


Tournaments – run by volunteers with prizes supplied by our generous sponsors

Game Designers area – play-test games still in development by designers local and international

Kids session – we introduce gamers of all ages to something intriguing & new, treasure hunt and special treats for teaching other kids

Late-night Wellycon – late night gaming for a select few!

Mega-game – play a board game with up to 40 people at a time!  Everyone has a role to play as either part of a team or a rogue, all contributing the larger game-play.

Now in its 13th year Wellycon is the country’s largest annual boardgaming event at the our capital.

Held over the Queens birthday weekend at the Wellington Indian Association Centre. With lots of events, a large game library, on site parking, hot food and drink and plenty of friendly board gamers come and have a great weekend.

A more recent introduction to the WellyCon events is that of WellyCon Sommes Island. 

Held over New Years the WellyCon team hire out the entirety of Sommes Island allowing for a 3 day gaming extravaganza!

Held over Labour Day weekend, Mini WellyCon is a smaller version of our incredibly popular WellyCon event held over Queens Birthday weekend. 

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Or Contact us via email at info@wellycon.org

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