Be in it to win it!

The play to win is on again in 2022 with a huge range of great games to win!

To have a chance to win, it's just a few simple steps: Play, Scan, and Submit!

  1. Borrow a game from the play-to-win area and give it a go
  2. After you have played the game, use your phone to scan the QR code inside the box lid
  3. Complete the online form to submit your entry

Love trying new games but hate reading rules? Some games will be taught by volunteers, designers, or publishers. A schedule of these will be published online and in print near the play-to-win area at Wellycon.

Prizes will be drawn on Sunday at 19:00. You don't need to be present to win. Prizes will be limited to one per attendee.

Our play-to-win software is developed by Black Rhino Software.

Tentative Play-to-Win Titles

We expect to have about 100 games in the play-to-win event at Wellycon 2022. These are donated by game designers, publishers, retailers, and distributors. This list is the games that we anticipate having in the play-to-win event. Check back often for updates!

GamePublisherSponsorLearn to play

Starling GamesPixel Park
Adventure Begins
(Dungeons & Dragons)

HasbroBea DnD

GigamicVR Distribution
Ark Nova

Capstone GamesGamersphere
Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen*

Gale Force NineGamersphere
+2 expansions

SchilMil GamesSchilMil Games
Azul: Queen's Garden

Next Move GamesVR Distribution
Bag of Chips

Pixel Park
Pixel Park
Bears vs Babies

AsmodeeBea DnD

PSC GamesCounter Culture
Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Collector's Ed.)*

Bézier GamesBézier Games
Cat in the Box (Deluxe Ed.)*

Bézier GamesBézier Games
Century: Golem Edition

Plan B GamesVR Distribution
Chronicles of Avel

Rebel Sp. z o.oCaffeinated Dragon
Circadians: First Light
(2nd Ed.)

Garphill GamesGarphill Games
Cockroach Poker

Drei Magier SpieleLet's Play Games
Codenames: The Simpsons

Czech Games
Creature Comforts*

Kids Table BGHobby Games
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
Kosmos GamesVR Distribution
Cthulhu: Death May Die

CMONCounter Culture
Dice Theme Park*

Alley Cat GamesAlley Cat Games

Pixel Park
Pixel Park
Dog Park

Birdwood GamesLet's Play Games
Due at 12*
Zero Fox GivenZero Fox Given
Dune: House Secrets

Portal GamesBea DnD
Dune Imperium

Dire WolfLet's Play Games
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial: Light Years from Home*Funko GamesGamersphere
Eternal Palace*

Alley Cat GamesAlley Cat Games
Exploding Minions

Exploding KittensVR Distribution
Fairy Lights

Sit Down!VR Distribution
Familiar Tales*

Plaid Hat GamesGamersphere
Final Round Fighting
Card Game

Where You Are GamesWhere You Are Games

Cheeky ParrotCheeky Parrot

Looney LabsCaffeinated Dragon
Fog of Love

Hush Hush ProjectsLet's Play Games
Frogger: The Board Game


Good Games PublishingLet's Play Games

Sit Down!VR Distribution
Geek Out!
The Big Bang Theory

Cryptozoic EntertainmentBea DnD
Great Western Trail: Argentina

Hand to Hand Wombat*

Exploding KittensVR Distribution

Cheeky ParrotCaffeinated Dragon
Honey Buzz

Elf Creek GamesHobby Games
Hues and Cues

The OpGamersphere
The Hunger

OrigamesBea DnD

MKE GamesMKE Games

Kura RēhiaCounter Culture


Floodgate GamesLet's Play Games
Komodo (2nd ed.)

SchilMil GamesSchilMil Games
Land vs Sea

Good Games PublishingLet's Play Games
Libertalia: Winds
of Galecrest

Stonemaier GamesLet's Play Games
Manifest (2nd Ed.)

SchilMil GamesSchilMil Games
Mantis*Exploding KittensCaffeinated Dragon & VR Distribution
Marvel Dice Throne*

The OpPixel Park
Mia London & the Case of the 625 Scoundrels

Le Scorpion MasquéLet's Play Games
MicroMacro: Crime City

Edition SpielweiseLet's Play Games
MicroMacro: Crime City - Full House

Edition SpielweiseLet's Play Games
Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage Game

Off the Page GamesLet's Play Games

Steve Jackson GamesBea DnD
My Date with a Zombie

Gametime AgainGametime Again
+ Thingvellir

GRRRE GamesVR Distribution
+ Upstairs, Downstairs 

Kayenta GamesKayenta Games

Pac Man: The Card Game

Pan Am

Prospero HallHobby Games

Frost Flame GamesFrost Flame Games
Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (Deluxe Ed.)*

Mindclash GamesMindclash Games
Poetry for Neanderthals

Exploding KittensVR Distribution
Project L

Pixel Park
Pixel Park
Raid the Pantry
(10th Ann. Ed.)

Cheeky ParrotCheeky Parrot
Roll Camera!

Keen Bean StudioCounter Culture
Rory's Story Cubes

The Creativity Hub/ Pixel ParkPixel Park
Rustling Leaves

Kosmos GamesVR Distribution
7 Wonders

Repos Production/
Pixel Park
Pixel Park
Shelfie Stacker

Arkus GamesArkus Games
Skate Summer

Pandasaurus GamesLet's Play Games
Small World of Warcraft

Days of WonderGamersphere
Smash Up: Disney Edition*

The OpPixel Park
SplendorSpace Cowboys/
Pixel Park
Pixel Park
Star Wars - Jabba's Palace*

Z-man GamesGamersphere
Stardew Valley: 
The Board Game

ConcernedApeCaffeinated Dragon
Starship Captains

Czech Games EditionCzech Games Edition
Switch & Signal

Kosmos GamesVR Distribution
Sync or Swim*

Bézier GamesBézier Games
Terracotta Army*

Board & DiceBoard & Dice
Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

FryxGamesCounter Culture
That Time You Killed Me*Pandasaurus GamesLet's Play Games
Ticket to Ride

Days of Wonder
Pixel Park
Pixel Park
Ticket to Ride - Europe

Days of Wonder/
Pixel Park
Pixel Park

Board & DiceBoard & Dice
Too Many Cooks

Good Games PublishingLet's Play Games
Turing Machine

Le Scorpion MasquéLet's Play Games
The Umbrella Academy Game

Studio 71Counter Culture

Good Games PublishingLet's Play Games

Fantasy Flight GamesHobby Games
Unmatched: Buffy the
Vampire Slayer

Mondo GamesHobby Games

Gametime AgainGametime Again

Stonemaier GamesPixel Park
The Wolves

Pandasaurus GamesLet's Play Games

Pretzel GamesVR Distribution

Board & DiceBoard & Dice
Zombie Kittens*

Exploding KittensCaffeinated Dragon & VR Distribution
Zombie Princess and
the Enchanted Maze

WizKidsBea DnD

* 2022 release

ˢ Shipping dependent