New Zealand National Catan Championships -Finals

Wellycon has the privilege of hosting the New Zealand National Catan Championship. 

The 2023 Championship is sponsored by PixelPark

Qualifiers were held earlier this year.

The 2023 National Championship Final at Wellycon (Tickets are required)
With both on-the-day prizes and the additional amazing prize of a ticket to the 2024 Catan World Championships with flights covered by PixelPark this is an opportunity not to be missed!
We'll provide information around tickets and other details nearer the time.

As this is an international event there are certain rules to abide to and terms and conditions as follows: 

  • All entrants must be 18+. 

  • The prize of the airfares are dependant upon world travel conditions, the prize is not exchangeable. If for any reason the event is cancelled, the ticket will be cancelled. There is NO alternative prize.

  • Accommodation and food whilst at the 2024 World Championship is expected to be funded by Catan.

  • Qualifying rounds for 2023 tournaments can only be entered once per person. If you enter into a qualifying round and do not succeed to the semi-finals you can NOT re-enter into a different qualifying round. 

  • All entrants are expected to have read the Catan Tournament rules before attending the event and attend the preliminary meeting. 

  • All entrants are expected to inform the judges prior to the tournament if they are entering with family or friends - this is so we can fairly distribute people across the rounds. 

  • Judge's decision is final. 

  • All entrants are to register on the app and use the app throughout the tournament. If a participant needs helps with this, please contact a judge. Further information on this will be sent to participants prior to the event. 

  • As a special rule clarification; Once the dice are rolled, the dice roll must be resolved (resources must be distributed, or the robber must be placed, and a card stolen) before any other actions may be taken.
    This prohibits bargaining that includes discussion about any type of resource exchange, which is only allowed in the trading and building phase. If a player attempts to negotiate a trade before completing the robber action, the robber will be placed in the desert and the player receives no cards as in rule 3.0.16(b). Bargaining that includes discussion regarding where to place the robber is allowed.