Making my way downtown

  • Walking: if you live or are staying nearby just stroll on in!

  • Bus: Most buses stop along Courtenay Place and Willis Street. Tākina is just a few minutes’ walk away. see Metlink's website for timetables and journey planning.

  • Train: It takes 20 minutes to walk along the waterfront from the station to Tākina. Trains are replaced by buses over Kings Birthday weekend between Petone and Wellington and Wellington and Porirua

  • Bikes: there are parks dotted around

  • Ferry: The East-by-West ferry can take you from Eastbourne to the waterfront.

  • Car: there are a number of car parks nearby indicated on the map. Most have an all day option. Council operated parks on the waterfront all close at 8pm. Carpool with others - organise your ride on the Wellycon Event on Facebook