When do tickets go on sale?

Ticket sales will be announced a little over a month before each event.  

We also announce ticket sales by email, Facebook and Instagram so sign up to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook!

What's a board game library?

We have a huge library, and attendees are welcome to borrow games to play during Wellycon. We have more than 1100 games to choose from at Wellycon, about half that at Mini Wellycon. If you don't know what to play, we have volunteers to help guide you.

These games belong to the organisers and other attendees, so please be respectful and make sure all the pieces are put away properly when you’re done. If there is a game you’d love to see in our library, please message us, and we’ll see what we can do.

What exactly is the play-to-win event?

Wellycon has the biggest, best play-to-win event in Australasia thanks to our extraordinary sponsors. 

The rules are very simple: Borrow a game from the play-to-win table, give it a try, rate it on you phone after you've played, and then cross your fingers because the games in the play-to-win will be given away as prizes on Sunday evening. Many games in the play-to-win event will be taught by volunteers (and sometimes even the designer), so don't worry if you don't know how to play!

You don't need to be present for the prize draw to win a game in the play-to-win event, we should be able to arrange pick up or delivery.

There is a special Kids prize draw at 2pm each day that you must be present to win.

What if 12 straight hours of gaming isn't enough for me?

Come to the Late Night Session, which runs from 9 PM until early Saturday morning. Pizza and energy drinks are included in the price of this session. 
Tickets to the Late Night Session are limited, so book yours early.

Can I bring my own games?

Absolutely! Please bring any games you’d like to share with other attendees. There are just a few things to note:

  • Please label your games with your name if you’re willing to add them to the library.
  • The library is arranged in sections; please add your games to the appropriate sections.
  • Don’t forget to take all your games home with you when you leave. While we endeavour to get games back to their owners, we can’t guarantee it!
  • Especially if you are providing multiple games for the library, make sure you have a list of all of your games.
  • You can email your list of games to info@wellycon.org.nz before arriving in case games are misplaced during pack-up – this has happened before!

With whom can I play?

Want to play a game and looking for other players? Find a table and put up one of our 'players needed' flags. You'll have a group in no time. 

Want to join a game? Look for a 'players needed' flag and introduce yourself. It's that simple!

New for 2024: organise a game and allow others to join through the Aftergame app.

What if I don’t know anyone?

We've all been there! Fortunately, Wellycon attendees are a bunch of friendly people who like to play games, so you’ll find people to play with in no time. Just look for a 'players needed' flag or find a game on Aftergame.

Can I learn a new game?

Yes! Borrow a game from our board game library. If you don't know the rules, put a 'looking for help' flag on your table. Chances are, someone will be able to give you an overview.

Or... look at the the schedule for the play-to-win event. At Wellycon 2023, you'll have the opportunity to learn dozens of games from volunteers who know them well (and sometimes even the designer)!

Can I bring my kids?

Of course! Wellycon is a family friendly event. We have a selection of games that are suitable for younger players.

There are children's tickets for those under 16 years, and those too young to play games can attend free with their parents.

Children under 5 must be actively supervised at all times. Children under 14 must have someone on site responsible for them at all times. 

I’d love to come but I can’t afford it this year

Don’t despair, because we’d love for you to come, too! We set aside some community tickets for this very thing. Please get in touch with us to see if you're eligible. 

Where is the …?

Check the venue map or ask any of the volunteers (you'll recognise us from our green shirts).

Can I leave my bag somewhere?

We do have an unsupervised bag drop area. All bags are left at your own risk.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes! There is a stage area that isn’t accessible, but the vast majority of the space is fully accessible.

I really enjoyed that! Whom do I tell?

We have a feedback wall, and your feedback helps us to make sure the event is positive for everyone. Post your favourite gaming photos on Instagram tagged @wellycon_nz. On Facebook, you can post mentioning Wellycon!

What is your videography/photography policy?

Please be advised that photographs will be taken at this event for use on the Wellycon website and for use in promotional and/or marketing materials. By entering the event, you consent to Wellycon photographing and potentially using your image and likeness for promotional or marketing purposes. Wellycon will have specific photographers and their name-tag will identify them as such.

Otherwise, please do not photograph attendees without consent, or in the case of a minor, the consent of the parent or guardian.