About Wellycon

Since 2008 people have been gathering in the nation’s capital to enjoy two days of  fun board gaming with friends old and new.

Growing from an initial group of 20 gamers way back in the mid 2000’s, we get more and more people every year (2019 over 1000) coming to the main convention.  People of all ages convene to enjoy learning new games, participating in workshops, play-testing games from designers, challenging friends and newcomers to favourite games and competing in a variety of tournaments.

Wellycon is a tabletop game convention held annually in Wellington, New Zealand.  It is the largest board gaming convention in New Zealand and, aside from the Armageddon convention is the largest gaming convention in the country.  It runs from 10am-10pm on the Saturday and Sunday of Queens Birthday anniversary weekend each year (1st Monday in June). Started in 2008 by a small group of passionate board-gamers, the con is run by a core group of volunteers with the aim of building community through board-games.  Wellycon has grown every year;  over the years moving location several times to cope with the increase in attendees.

 The dice from every Wellycon 2009-2017.

The dice from every Wellycon 2009-2017. Wellycon is well known for it’s custom event-themed dice created especially for the event.


he event revolves around a library of board games, card-, dice-, tile-based and other games brought along by the attendees e.g. Settlers of Catan, ticket to ride, mainly in the ‘modern’ board games genres – Eurogames and American-style board games. Participants select a game, find some people who would like to play and a suitable table and go to it. Wellycon volunteers assist those who are new to board games or have difficulty getting enough players together to start a game.  There are tournaments throughout the weekend and a game design competition where small groups create a game using a simple set of components.  In addition there is a section where attendees can try out games which are still under development – Game Designers Corner – and give feedback to the creators.

What can you expect at Wellycon?

Tournaments – run by volunteers with prizes supplied by our generous sponsors 

Game Designers area – play-test games still in development by designers local and international

Kids session – we introduce gamers of all ages to something intriguing & new, treasure hunt and special treats for teaching other kids

Late-night Wellycon – late night gaming for a select few!

Mega-game – play a board game with up to 40 people at a time!  Everyone has a role to play as either part of a team or a rogue, all contributing the larger game-play.


ach year, Wellycon has a theme, usually taken from one of the most successful games or a common theme found in many modern board games e.g. Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, VIII – 7 Wonders, IX – Romans, X – Pirates (X marks the spot), and for Wellycon XI, Vikings was chosen in honour of Raiders of the North Sea created by local Wellingtonian Shem Phillips and  nominated for the International Spiel De Jahres.

Some past Wellycon posters

Cheers, the Wellycon Team