First in, best dressed!  Register now to ensure you get a goodie bag.  We have a limited number of goodies bag items so they will go to the pre-registered game fans first!

Food – NOTE: lunches and dinners must be pre-ordered through  It’s a little trek from the site to go get food.

The Wellycon dice have arrived (very exciting!).  You might have seen the picture on the facebook page.

Couchsurfing Wellycon – someone has set up a couchsurfing meetup on WOB, so if you can offer a bed or need one – put your name down here.  Great to see the community building!

Moooooore Prizes – Weta have given us an awesome RingWraith figure, and Schilmil, games & Hobbies and Seriously Board some game boxes to give away.  There will be spot prizes throughout the day, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the prize board to see if you’ve won.

Volunteers – If you would like to get behind the scenes of Wellycon, you can be a bigger part of the magic!

We’d love your help to continue the warm welcoming feel of Wellycon.  Whether helping people choose games or helping on the registration desk, we can use you.  It’s a small way to give back to the community – each shift is only a couple of hours, so there’s plenty of time to get your game on.

Silent auction – if you have a game you would like to trade, we will be running a silent auction.  Just look for the signs and fill in a form and see what happens!


Pass it on – flyer below for you to print off and put up at work, at the school, social club, community notice board and pass along to your friends.  We always like to meet new people, so invite a friend!


Wellycon 2015 Poster


……and that’s the short version! Any questions email us, or check the  facebook page, and @Wellycon_nz for details.  See you in no time,


Ceedee & the Wellycon team


Many thanks to our major sponsors, without whom it would be a pretty boring affair!!

as well as Weta Workshop, Schilmil, Caffeinated Dragon, Garphill Games, Tarata, Cheeky Parrot Games, Games and Hobbies, Graphic Comics, Seriously Board, Steam Incorporated, McDonalds, PixelPark, WellingtonOnBoard and Toyworld City.