10:00Buy and SellLobbybuy labels at front deskSaturday
10:00Intro to tabletop wargamingWCC Gaming LoungeOpen stall all weekendSaturday
10:15Perpetuity: Grave DescentP2W area Saturday
10:15Wingspan + Oceania expansionP2W area Saturday
10:30Intro to D&DThe DungeonSold outSaturday
10:30Mega gameStage and side stage roomTicketed eventSaturday
10:30Pandemic SurvivalTournaments areaSold outSaturday
10:30TunaruP2W area Saturday
10:45TākaroP2W area Saturday
11:15TākaroP2W area Saturday
11:30Perpetuity: Grave DescentP2W area Saturday
11:30TungauP2W area Saturday
11:30Catan ChampionshipTournaments areaTicketed eventSaturday
11:45PetrichorP2W area Saturday
12:00CrokinoleP2W area Saturday
12:15Maglev MetroP2W area Saturday
12:45Galilean MoonsP2W area Saturday
13:00Hadrian's WallP2W area Saturday
13:15Dragon's WildP2W area Saturday
13:30Whistle MountainP2W area Saturday
13:45Dragon's WildP2W area Saturday
13:45TākaroP2W area Saturday
14:15Rugby: The Game & Cricket: The GameP2W area Saturday
14:15TākaroP2W area Saturday
14:30Hadrian's WallP2W area Saturday
14:30Detective: A Modern Board Game Season 1P2W area Saturday
14:30Chronicles of Crime 1900P2W area Saturday
14:30Intro to D&DThe DungeonSold outSaturday
15:00Karuba: The Card GameP2W area Saturday
15:30Karuba: The Card GameP2W area Saturday
16:00Viscounts of the West KingdomP2W area Saturday
16:00The Hobbit: An Unexpected PartyP2W area Saturday
16:00MiyabiP2W area Saturday
16:00VeniceP2W area Saturday
17:00Red RisingP2W area Saturday
17:30Perpetuity: Grave DescentP2W area Saturday
18:00Shelfie StackerP2W area Saturday
18:00Dice HospitalP2W area Saturday
18:00VeniceP2W area Saturday
18:30Intro to D&DThe DungeonSold outSaturday
19:00Shelfie StackerP2W area Saturday
19:00AnachronyP2W area Saturday
19:00Excavation EarthP2W area Saturday
19:15Perpetuity: Grave DescentP2W area Saturday
20:00Shelfie StackerP2W area Saturday
22:00Late NightVR Gaming ZoneTicketed eventSaturday
10:15Hadrian's WallP2W area Sunday
10:15Dragons WildP2W area Sunday
10:30Excavation EarthP2W area Sunday
10:30Winspan + Oceania expansionP2W area Sunday
10:30Intro to D&DThe DungeonSold outSunday
10:30Intro to RPGQuiet RoomSold outSunday
10:45Dragons WildP2W area Sunday
10:45The Hobbit: An Unexpected PartyP2W area Sunday
11:15Dice HospitalP2W area Sunday
11:30Galilean MoonsP2W area Sunday
11:45Hadrian's WallP2W area Sunday
12:00Galilean MoonsP2W area Sunday
12:15CrokinoleP2W area Sunday
12:15PetrichorP2W area Sunday
12:30Catan Championship FinalTournaments areaTicketed eventSunday
12:30Galilean MoonsP2W area Sunday
13:15Perpetuity: Grave DescentP2W area Sunday
13:30Rugby: The Game & Cricket: The GameP2W area Sunday
13:30Whistle MountainP2W area Sunday
13:30TākaroP2W area Sunday
14:00Raiders of ScythiaP2W area Sunday
14:00TākaroP2W area Sunday
14:00Maglev MetroP2W area Sunday
14:30Intro to D&DThe DungeonSold outSunday
14:30Blood on the ClocktowerQuiet RoomSold outSunday
14:45AnachronyP2W area Sunday
15:15Karuba: The Card GameP2W area Sunday
15:30Chronicles of Crime 1900P2W area Sunday
15:30Detective: A Modern Board Game Season 1P2W area Sunday
15:45Karuba: The Card GameP2W area Sunday
16:00Red RisingP2W area Sunday
16:15MiyabiP2W area Sunday
16:30Perpetuity: Grave DescentP2W area Sunday
18:30Intro to D&DThe DungeonTicketed eventSunday
19:00Play-to-Win Prize DrawsStage Sunday