AuctionSheetIn previous years at Wellycon we have held trading sessions where people have a limited time to swap or sell their games – which led to frenetic trading in some years but was less successful in others.  This year we held a swap session at lunch time each day plus an all day silent auction for people who wanted to sell games.  A silent auction is just a fancy term for a paper version of a TradeMe/eBay style auction.  This format allowed people to try to swap their games at lunch time and if they weren’t successful to put them up for sale for the rest of the day.

Only a couple of people indicated interest in trading games before Wellycon.  So we were pleasantly surprised to run out of swap labels for people to put on their games!  We know (from the number of labels we printed) at least 24 games were up for swapping plus other games for sale only.  Judging by how fast games disappeared from trading tables most of the games on offer went home with new owners, making trading at Wellyon 2015 the most successful ever.