Let it be known around the game verse, Wellington’s 7th annual board game convention is soon upon us!

It has been decreed that wondrous activities are soon to be held on the sovereign’s remembrance day (Queen’s Birthday). Thou shalt get the chance to try something new from Ye well-stocked Library, catchup with your friends from the gaming community or make some new ones!  With the increasing population growth (we’ve out-grown our last space!), the location has moved across the kingdom to the spacious and friendly Wellington Bridge Club rooms, Tinakori Road, Thorndon.

Sat May 31: 10am-10pm

Sun Jun 01: 10am-10pm

To commemorate this being the 7th tourney, there will be seven tournaments to enter with bounteous and wonderful prizes. Come and increase your martial prowess in a battle of wits in Dominion, X-Wing, Netrunner or Perplexus. Here is a chance for you to get involved – if you have a favourite game, perhaps one which you think would make a good event, let us know via info@wellycon.org.nz – only 3 spots left.

What else is happening?

  • Game Designers Area – Try something really new!  or if you are one of the wizened folk, you may be interested in getting feedback on games you may have in development, or comparing ideas with others of like mind.

  • Epic Games – If you like the idea of one entertainment for at least 5 bells, you may wish to harken to the designated area for discussing or viewing the longer games in action.  We will have at least one on the go during the entire event.

  • Swap table – If you have acquired entertainment that doesn’t suit your tastes, you may wish to discuss with other attendees and swap for something different.  There will be one session each day.

  • T-shirts – This year for the first time, memorabilia garments will be available for purchase(limited run).  Please let us know when you pre-register if you would like one and what size.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors – The Hobby Stop and Board Game Rentals prices have remained the same as last year!  Entrance will be admitted at the following rates:

Adult    1 day    $10
Adult     2 day    $15
Adult    after 5pm    $5
Child (<13)    1 day    $5 (accompanied with adult)
Families    1 day    $20

Dinner    1 person    $10 (pre-registration preferred, only 10 tickets available on the day)       Sat – Chinese Delights        Sun – Lasagne & salad

There will be further missives about securing your place –  keep an eye on the Wellycon facebook page, our new event page and the blog for details about how you can pre-register.

Looking forward to a fabulous tourney, pennants flying, games olde & new and time with friends a-plenty. See you there!

May The Lady smile on your endeavours.

Ceedee and the Wellycon team


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