A dice has six sides and Wellycon celebrates its sixth anniversary Catan Style this June. Queens Birthday weekend has given locals and travellers from around the country time and space to enjoy a huge variety of modern board games as the numbers attest. You can count on meeting more than 250 other gamers across the weekend, and a wide variety of published designers, artists, our local distributor and plenty of new faces.

We have returned for the third year running to our sensational venue on the edge of the CBD with plenty of parking and excellent facilities. The venue is comfortable and carpeted with plenty of outdoor space to relax if needed. There’s no din from the endless echoing of wooden floors and plenty of food will available on site to help you maximise your gaming time.

This year we are, for the first time, we will also be running a MATHTRADE in conjunction with Wellycon. Mathtrades allow you to trade games ahead of time with the help of a computer and we have run them for the NZ community in the past. This one however will be exclusively for Wellycon participants and pickup will be at the venue during the con. For more about Mathtrades see http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/93555/math-trade-guide. Keep tuned for more info.

Wellycon has been helping scratch that gaming bug for more than half a decade and we’re not about to stop now, so hope right in and register now. Pre-registering is free and will get you entry into some special draws over the weekend, so there’s no reason not to.

Register now at wellycon2013@gmail.com and reserve your place at the nations largest modern board game convention. And for the latest news and updates check out Wellycon on facebook where we will continue to post all the updates and events.

Sat 1 Jun: 10am – 10pm
Sun 2 Jun: 10am – 9pm

Level 1 Events Centre
MAWSA complex
Tasman St – Gate E
Massey University Wellington

$10 per person per day
$5 after 5pm
Under 15 with an adult $5