Volunteering At Wellycon

Volunteering At Wellycon

Hi! Thanks for your interest in being a key part of New Zealand’s Biggest, Friendly, Fun board-game convention – Wellycon!

At this stage we have closed sign-ups for volunteering at Wellycon XII.

Our next event is Mini Wellycon 2019, 19th & 20th October 2019 – please keep an eye out for that!

Introduction to Wellycon

Wellycon is a 2-day board game convention which is held annually over Queen’s Birthday weekend in Wellington.

It is run by a not-for-profit Committee of 5-9 volunteers whose roles are to organise and deliver the Biggest, Fun, Friendly board game event in New Zealand. In addition to this, we understand the event could not operate without the help and support of volunteers. And we need you!

Wellycon Volunteers

The Wellycon volunteers play a vital part in the viability of the event. Without the volunteers, who fill a wide variety of roles on offer at Wellycon this community, not-for-profit event could not operate. They are the ambassadors for the event – the smiling face welcoming attendees, the knowledgeable game players that help create a unique atmosphere, and our champions helping spread the word of what Wellycon is all about.

We know volunteers come from all walks of life and have varying levels of availability and interests. Some of you can only do one or two shifts throughout the weekend; others may choose to dedicate themselves to the whole event. It’s up to you! What everyone can agree on is that volunteering at Wellycon is a fantastic way to participate in and give back to the gaming community, meet like-minded people, and have a great time.

Expectations for All Volunteers

The volunteer is the face of the con and helps to make it special. As a volunteer, you are a friendly face, a patient teacher and a helpful resource.

The primary objective for the volunteer is to ensure everyone attending the con is as involved as they want to be and having fun. Familiarise yourself with the different areas and activities happening throughout Wellycon, in particular those during your shift as this may help to provide suggestions to people who may need ideas on how they can participate in our event.

All in all, though, just be yourself. Be friendly, don’t feel like you have to have all the answers or know all the games, and help people feel comfortable and involved. The last thing we want is someone to leave because they are too shy to get into a game.


Wellycon Volunteer Roles and Descriptions


All Volunteers

Description All volunteers are expected to keep an eye on things like:

  • Keep hall & corridors clean, pick up rubbish, help deal with spills etc.
  • People looking lost, confused or upset – check in with them to see if they need help
  • Make sure you check in when your shift starts and check out before you leave your area with your area supervisor
  • Approach your area supervisor if you have any questions
  • Lost property and lost kids can be found at the registration desk

Learn to Play – teaching modern board game classics

Responsible to Christoph

This volunteer position requires an outgoing personality and good game teaching skills.

This area is split into ‘Learn to Play’ with board game classics to be taught in about 10 minutes and the ‘Cheeky Parrot quick games’ area where attendees can join for quick games to get to know new people. Volunteers will mainly teach board game classics, but will help out with quick games too.

Teaching a game is about more than just going over the rules. Your job as the teacher is to get the players excited about the game, understand the object and turns of the game, know a few possible strategies, and explain the rules within 10 minutes.

In the ‘Learn to Play’ area people are not playing a whole game, but rather having a taster of how to play the game. Afterwards, attendees can take the game and play it on their own in the big hall. Each shift has a different set of games.

In depth article here to explain in more detail how to teach games:

In this role you will:

  • Learn the games before your shift and have a solid understanding of the rules
  • Ensure the right games are setup for your shift, including helping the previous shift tidy up if needed
  • Introduce the game and hook attendees with a 30 second intro of the objective, the theme and the general play
  • Teach the basic idea of the game and a few bits of strategic advice
  • Play one or two rounds with the attendees and remind players of integral rules during the game
  • Send attendees off with a copy of the game to play a whole game on their own or direct them to the games library

You’ll be teaching from the following list:

Splendor,     Catan,     7 Wonders,     Carcassonne,     Ticket to Ride,     Stone Age,     Azul,     Sagrada,     Raiders of the North Sea

# of Volunteers At least 2 per shift. 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm
Length of Shift 4 hours

Front Desk and Registration

Responsible to Travis

You’ll be the first friendly face that attendees see as they come in the door, and giving a first impression to help set the atmosphere. 

Help will be available – at worst just a phone-call away – and we’ll pair more experienced people with you if this is your first time.

You need to be OK with cash handling and EFT-POS.

We will have laptops or tablets on-hand for to get people to register for prize draws and you will be expected to help attendees if required.

You’ll be involved with Prize Draws including taking prize-winners photos for our social media accounts

All children under the age of 14 are required to have a responsible adult on site – we’re not providing daycare.

You’ll also be doing an approximate walk-around survey of how many attendees are in the venue.

Your Shift:
Please arrive 5 min early for your shift to allow smooth hand-over & time to find a Wellycon Green T-Shirt to wear and wait at the end of your shift for your replacement (get hold of a committee member if they don’t show).

The primary objective for front desk volunteers is to ensure everyone attending the con feels welcome. All in all though just be yourself. Be friendly, don’t feel like you have to have all the answers, just help people feel comfortable and involved.

If you don’t know something, ask a committee member.

# of Volunteers
  • 4 volunteers to start the day from 10-12pm.
  • 2 volunteers from 12pm-6pm
  • After 6pm at least 1 per shift
Length of Shift 2 hours

New Releases – Game Support

Responsible to Pike

We are working with NSKN/Board & Dice, Portal Games, and Tasty Minstrel Games to have some brand new games released at Wellycon! This will be a first for Wellycon, and we’re really excited about the prospect of being the first gamers to have a crack at these world premieres!

Each game will be featured on 2 tables for the duration of Wellycon, and volunteers will be on hand to teach the new releases to as many attendees as possible. Volunteers will each be responsible for teaching one game title during the four-hour shift and for helping new players through their first game.

This volunteer position requires an outgoing personality and good game teaching


# of Volunteers 1 volunteer per New Release game, per shift (10am – 2pm and 2pm to 6pm daily)
Length of Shift 4 hours

Library and Hall Helpers

Responsible to Suzanne

In this role, you will:

  • Provide guidance on game choices for people
  • Explain the flags to people if they are short on players, or unsure how to play a game
    • The ? is for needing help
    • The meeple is for needing more players
    • The star is a person needing a group

Please approach people if they look a little hesitant.

  • If you can’t offer a game immediately you can let them know you will be organising one soon and ask if they have something in mind. At this point you may only need to help organise players.
  • If the answer is ambivalent then you may want to suggest a game you know and can teach.
  • You may find you want to stall people. Try one of the quick fillers like ‘No thanks’, Coloretto, or Love Letter. Or perhaps a two player game like Patchwork or Battle Line that can be abandoned or played in rounds.



# of Volunteers
  • 10am to 6pm – 5 Volunteers (these are our busy periods)
  • 6pm to 10pm – 2 Volunteers
Length of Shift 4 hours

Family Session Supporters

Responsible to Adrianne

The aim is to encourage and support families to play appropriate games and meet other like-minded families.

In this role you will:

  • Suggest appropriate games
  • Teach and/or play games with attendees
  • Invite/encourage attendees to try the different activities on offer during the session

Optional / Extra duties:

  • Potential to run a kids tournament if you’re interested – we can provide a prize
  • Organise and run a special activity related to the theme
  • Arrive at 9:15am to prepare the game library for the session


  • All children under the age of 14 are required to have a responsible adult on site. 
  • There may be school aged children at the session while their parents are involved in
    other activities on site.
  • Pre-school aged children are required to have a designated
    care-giver at the session.


# of Volunteers 5 to 10 Volunteers
Length of Shift 4 hours

This role is helping on Sunday 2nd June from 9:45am-2pm.

Please be on site for an orientation/briefing at 9:45 am. You will be allowed early entry to the venue on Sunday morning.


Play To Win Helpers

Responsible to Rob

In this role, you will:

  • Help register attendees onto the Play-and-Win system
  • Help attendees use the Play-and-Win system on their phones
  • Teach games being offered in the play-and-win (or help them find someone who can)
  • Answer questions about the games, describe what each game is about with enthusiasm, and direct attendees to the vendors so they can purchase their own copy
# of Volunteers
  • 2 every shift, but may only need 1 after 6pm 
Length of Shift 4 hours

Tournament Organiser

Responsible to Adrianne

Tournament planning:

  • Identify game to be played (To qualify as a tournament, it needs to be different to ‘normal game play’)
  • Number of rounds
  • Number of people who can participate
  • The format – instant death, or the winner from each game, or the highest scoring players from all games go through etc.
  • Please make sure you share the estimated duration and end time
  • Make sure the prize structure is clear
  • Source sponsorship for prizes. (We can provide a prize if you’ve been unable to source sponsorship yourself)
  • You will be given 1 certificate for first place. If you have a sponsor, please make sure we know about it so that we can put their logo on the certificate (for winners photos etc.)
  • Work with the committee to organise enough copies of the game
  • Ensure you are familiar with the mechanics and rules of the game
  • Plan how you are going to assign players to tables for each round
  • Advise Adrianne of how many seats/tables you need, and how long you need the designated area (setup, play time and take down)

On the day:

  • Ensure your gaming area is set up, and you have all the copies you need
  • Apply the rules evenly and fairly to all participants
  • Please take a photo of the winner with their certificate and prize using the iPad at the front desk, or get assistance from a Front Desk person
  • Feel free to participate in the tournament, unless there is an unfair advantage due to organising it, rather than due to your enthusiasm and skill in the game!


  • Entire tournament must take less than 4 hours
  • Minimum number of participants to be eligible for a prize = 8
  • Ideally, tournaments should be set and timetabled by the time tickets go on sale, but at minimum 2 weeks before the event

You will be given support to advertise the tournament by the Wellycon committee


# of Volunteers
  • Tournaments are all run by volunteers – number we have determines tournaments
Length of Shift However long the tournament runs (max 4hrs + any planning time)

Venue Set Up

Responsible to Ceedee

We need help with:

  • Empty the van with boxes full of games and other things
  • Setting up of the tables, chairs and event areas
  • Putting up signage and information around the event
  • Tidy up the space and get everything ready
# of Volunteers
  • Up to 6

This role is helping on Friday 31st May from 1pm onwards – whenever you are able to come.

Estimated finish time is approx 8pm

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