Wellington Bridge Club

4-5 June
17 Tinakori Road

Play-to-Win Event

Borrow a game from the play-to-win table, give it a try, rate it on your phone after you've played, and then cross your fingers because these games will be given away as prizes on Sunday at 19:00. 

Some games in the play-to-win event will be taught by volunteers (and sometimes even the designer), so don't worry if you don't know how to play!

NZ National Catan Tournament - TBC

To be confirmed!

For your chance to win a ticket to the Catan World Championships in Malta in November 2022, enter the NZ National Catan Tournament at Wellycon. 

Please ensure that you read the championship rules before the event. It is your responsibility to notify the Wellycon team if you are entering the event with friends or family. All participants are required to be over 18.

This event is Sponsored by Pixel Park.

Please see the Catan event page for more details.


We love to run tournaments during Mini Wellycon. Stay tuned for information on this year's events!

Games Library

Looking for a game to play? Borrow one of ours. Want a recommendation? Ask a volunteer. Need help learning a game? Put a 'need help' flag on your table. Looking for other players? There's a flag for that, too. With hundreds of games to borrow and play, we've got you covered.


Stop by the concierge or ask a volunteer (look for their green shirts) if you need any help. That's what we're there for!

Buy / Sell / Trade

You're welcome to bring games to buy, sell, or trade. We'll have shelving in the entryway for this very purpose. Pricing stickers are available from the front desk; proceeds benefit Wellycon.

Attendees at Wellycon will receive a special branded die! 

Dice from previous years may be available for same at Mini Wellycon.