Less than two weeks to go to Wellycon, the pirate version, arr, harr! so what’s in the offing?

Anchors aweigh!  If you haven’t already signed up then here’s the place to go – Wellycon 2017.

Late night session – we sold out very quickly, so we’ve decided to up the numbers so that those on the waiting list can come along. 3 have already gone, so there are 3 new spaces left! If you want to party all night, go for it 🙂 If you have already registered, you can add this on its own.

Wellycon is, and always has been, about creating community through games. That’s why when we heard there were some people who wanted to come but couldn’t because of the price, we wanted to share the love. We are a not-for-profit operation but we don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t come, so if you, or someone you know, would like to be considered for a ‘community through games’ ticket, just message us direct with your/their details and we’ll send them a seriously discounted entry ticket. Only a few, so we’ll see how many we can afford depending on numbers.

Wellycon tshirt red.jpg

We’ve had quite a few requests to buy the ‘W’ Wellycon t-shirts which the lovely Rob created. So we’ve created a ‘swag shop’ where you can get your own t-shirt to wear. Scuttlebutt tells me there are plenty of colours and sizes to choose from, both men’s, kids’ and women’s cuts.

The schedule is out with all the events – show your true colours; sign up for tournaments, pirate quiz, lifesize codenames, and the Mega-game.

2017 Wellycon Dice small.jpg

Exciting times! The booty is here. Yes, the dice have arrived. The unique design this year has come out amazingly detailed, and we’re blown away. You’ll have to wait and see to find out what it is; let me just say it fits with this year’s theme 😉  Also, there are 30 sets (very limited run) of ALL the Wellycon dice ever created in a special edition dice bag.  On sale at this years event only.

Crepes and Coffees – yes the crepe guy (‘excuse my French’) has been confirmed and we are all French this year, as the fabulous French Kiss Cafe is going to be onsite at the coffee shop providing all your lunch, coffee, sweet and savoury needs! Our very own cafe onsite, we’re very lucky!

I’d like to personally say a big thank you to our key sponsors. I know it’s the ‘standard’ bit you get in these kinds of things, but seriously, they really help to make Wellycon the amazing event it is by providing awesome prizes for us to give away to you fine folks, so please spare a thought for them, and say hi at the event if you get the chance, particularly to Peter (board game rentals), Mark (Cerberus games), Ahmed (Counter Culture board game cafe (coming soon!)) and Shem (Garphill games) who are all going to be onsite.

Copy of the flyer attatched for you to put up at work, community notice board, social club or pass on to your friends.  See you very soon, you scurvy dawgs!

Ceedee & the Wellycon committee