Sponsorship and promotion options

Want to be part of New Zealand’s largest board gaming convention? Want to get your name  and brand known in the boardgaming community? Wellycon 2017 will be New Zealand’s largest boardgaming convention with over 400 attendees expected from Wellington and around New Zealand.

There are a number ways you can be involved.

General sponsorship

Add your brand and logo to all Wellycon promotional material (email notifications, event posters, website, social media), specific mention of your company on the day and the inclusion of a gift voucher/giveaway in the Wellycon gift bag.

Cost:  $100 or equivalent in prizes

Tournament sponsor

Add your name to one of the Wellycon tournaments that will be held over the weekend, for example ‘Empire Emporium’s Race for the Galaxy Tournament’.  Your name will be associated with the sign up for the tournament and the certificates given to prizeholders.

Cost: Prize for first place (either games, play-to-win, or relevant gift vouchers) and someone to run the tournament (or work with a volunteer to run one).

Wellycon Stalls

We welcome stalls from companies interested in providing good quality goods for attendees such as board games, general gaming supplies or food.

Cost: $150/day or $200 for both days.


If you have a deal or a special for Wellycon attendees? Then provide us with a gift voucher, information or promotional material for the the Wellycon Gift bags. We will provide a giftbag to the first 400 pre-registered attendees.

Some of the promotional items we would love to provide our attendees would be pencils, notepads, mints or other lollies or even the bags themselves.

Other promotional options

Got a fun way you wish to promote your organisation at Wellycon, then get in contact with us – we’d love to work with you.

Contact info@wellycon.org

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