Scheduled Events and Tournaments

Come win a prize at one of Wellycon’s great tournaments, or experience one of our excellent events, there’s heaps of gaming events hitting the table at Wellycon!

In addition to these awesome events, there’s a lot more happening at Wellycon XII!
Check out what’s on!


10:00 Doors Open  
10:00 –
Megagame – Colossus of Atlantis Info & RSVP
10:30 King of Tokyo Tournament Info & RSVP
10:30 Intro to D&D – Session 1 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Lost Temple of the Monkey King
Info & RSVP
13:00 Wellycon Maths Trade
Meet by quiet room in lobby
More Info
13:00 Intro to D&D – Session 2 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Defiance in Phlan
Info & RSVP
16:00 Pandemic Tournament 1 Info & RSVP
16:00 Intro to D&D – Session 3 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Hallowed Festival of Frights
Info & RSVP
17:00 Saturday Raffle Drawn  
18:00 Codenames Live! Tournament 1 Info & RSVP
18:00 Intro to D&D – Session 4 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Defiance in Phlan
Info & RSVP
20:00 Two Rooms and a Boom!  
22:00 Wellycon Day One Closes  
22:00 on Late Night Session
(Pre-registered only)



10:00 Doors Open  
10:00 –
Family Session  
10:30 Intro to D&D – Session 5 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Wild Sheep Chase
Info & RSVP
10:30 Terraforming Mars Mega Event Info & RSVP
11:00 Pandemic Tournament 2 Info & RSVP
13:00 Wellycon Maths Trade
Meet by quiet room in lobby
More Info
13:00 Intro to D&D – Session 6 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Lost Temple of the Monkey King
Info & RSVP
14:00 Kids Raffle Drawn  
14:00 Orléans Tournament Info & RSVP
16:00 Intro to D&D – Session 7 EVENT FULL!
Adventure: Wild Sheep Chase
Info & RSVP
17:00 Sunday Raffle Drawn  
18:00 Codenames Live! Tournament 2 Info & RSVP
18:00 Intro to D&D – Session 8
Adventure: Hallowed Festival of Frights!
Info & RSVP
19:00 Play To Win draw – Held in front of main stage  
22:00 Wellycon Day Two Closes  
Codenames Live!

A life-sized game of Codenames where the players ARE the clues!

Continual Codenames

A walk-in, walk-out rolling game of Codenames set up as the ultimate game-between-games! Help us keep it going the entire weekend.

Colossus of Atlantis

Our Megagame this year is Colossus of Atlantis.

A game of Ancient Greek politics, with the addition of giant robots! Take on the role of Archon (political leader), Engineer (builder of stuff), Herald (diplomat, spy and trader) Priest, or Strategoi (general) in one of eight factions struggling to dominate Atlantis and its colonies, but also striving to avoid the wrath of the Gods and the doom of Atlantis.

More info and game-rules can be found here.

RSVP on this Facebook event

Family Session

Our super-popular Sunday Family Session. Kids teaching kids, spy hunt, dress-up game, a reserved selection of quality family games and access to the entire games library. 

Intro to Dungeons and Dragons

This year at Wellycon, for the first time, we will be hosting several Intro to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) sessions. So if you have ever been curious about learning to play tabletop roleplaying, come along to one of the four sessions offered each day; 10:30am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm. Space is limited.

D&D is a cooperative storytelling roleplay experience in which players take on fantastical roles such as fighters, rogues, and wizards to overcome challenges set up by the Dungeon Master. Humans have always been gathering around to tell stories together, but no one said the stories had to always be about humans.

Join us as mighty heroes to help a talking sheep, plumb the tomb of the Monkey King or enter a haunted house to rescue a friend. No preparation needed. Bring yourself and your adventuring spirit and we’ll do the rest.

More info here!

Tournament - King of Tokyo

In King of Tokyo, you play mutant monsters, gigantic robots, and strange aliens—all of whom are destroying Tokyo and whacking each other in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo.

At the start of each turn, you roll six dice, which show the following six symbols: 1, 2, or 3 Victory Points, Energy, Heal, and Attack. Over three successive throws, choose whether to keep or discard each die in order to win victory points, gain energy, restore health, or attack other players into understanding that Tokyo is YOUR territory.

The fiercest player will occupy Tokyo, and earn extra victory points, but that player can’t heal and must face all the other monsters alone! Who will be the ultimate King of Tokyo this Wellycon? 


Tournament - Pandemic Survival

Pandemic Survival is an extreme version of Pandemic, where teams of two players face each other simultaneously with the same objective in mind: Be the first team to find all four cures or be the sole survivor at the end of the game.

During this unique Organised Play experience, each team faces the same starting situation: identical roles, infected cities, and the same player cards in the same order. Only each team’s strategic choices will differentiate them and prove a winning—or losing—strategy.

Tournament - Orléans

During the medieval goings-on around Orléans, you must assemble a following of farmers, merchants, knights, monks, etc. to gain supremacy through trade, construction and science in medieval France.

In Orléans, you will always want to take more actions than possible, and there are many paths to victory. The challenge is to combine all elements as best as possible with regard to your strategy.

How will you fare over two tournament rounds? Join our Orléans tournament and see whether your strategy can lead you to ultimate victory. 


Two Rooms and a Boom

Two Rooms and a Boom is a social deduction/hidden role party game for six to thirty people. 

There are two teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Blue Team has a President. The Red Team has a Bomber.

Players are equally distributed between two rooms. The game consists of five timed rounds. At the end of each round, some players will be swapped into opposing rooms. If the Red Team’s Bomber is in the same room as the President at the end of the game, then the Red Team wins; otherwise the Blue Team wins. Lying encouraged.

Late Night Session

Wanna stay up late? Or perhaps you want to arrange a specific session with your closest key associates for that after-hours thrill? This session is only for the truly addicted!

Stay after everyone has gone home and have full access to the game library. With limited numbers of tickets available, the world (or the games library in this instance) is your oyster. 

This is only for adults or supervised teens, no under-16s allowed. 

Terraforming Mars

What’s the greatest Mega Corp in existence? In this Terraforming Mars Mega Event, we aim to find out! 

Sign up for Terraforming Mars today!

Play To Win

Returning for a second year, Play To Win – powered by Black Rhino – is bigger than ever at Wellycon thanks to our generous sponsors.

With over 30 confirmed games this year, Play To Win is on track to be HUGE!


What IS Play To Win?

Play To Win is exactly what it sounds like: You play the game at Wellycon, indicate if you would like to win it, then you go into the draw at Sunday 7pm.