Last minute Mini-Wellycon!

We have had a last-minute chance to hold a Mini-wellycon on Waitangi weekend – and we love playing games so we’re doing it!
Sign up now to come along:
WHEN: sat 4 & sun 5th February
WHERE: Wellington Bridge Club, Tinakori road.
TIME: 10am-10pm
Same low cost as usual $10 a day or $15 for the weekend. At the moment Saturday is a go-er, we have 15 for Sunday so if we get 25 we’ll do Sunday too.
Remember the main event is coming up mid-year, Queens birthday weekend 3-4 Jun. This is our 10th year so there will be lots of special things happening, including a specially created Mega game just for Wellycon. We’ll let you know when tickets go on sale.
In the mean time, come & join us for low-pressure, fun time games next weekend.
See you soon!
Ceedee & the Wellycon team

Wellycon IX – countdown to the Colloseum

Attention! Caesar speaks!    (Well, Ceedee anyway, a poor man’s Caesar 🙂 ).

Let the games begin! We are just 1 week away from Wellycon 2016.  Latest schedule is here.  It’s great to see that pre-registrations are already up on last year – get in now to get your goodie bag.  We will give any spares to walk-ins but it’s first come first served.    fyi, registrations will close on Thursday before the event so that we can print name tags etc..  Speaking of goodie bags, the dice have arrived!  Woohoo.  Always an exciting moment for me 🙂


Wellycon could not run without volunteers and we would like to thank those people who have already offered to help!  However we still need another 8… or so people to help on the weekend.

We are looking for people for the registration desk, welcoming and signing people in; or as demonstrators/librarians – helping people find a game that suits them and helping them get started.  If you can help please contact us via return email.

WORKSHOPS – ever thought about owning your own leather-bound book? we have two special workshops this year elaborating on our Roman theme.  Some of the best tutors in the wellington region are coming in to teach you some cool skills – Create your own Roman board game and Create a hand-made book.  These have only just been confirmed and numbers are limited so sign up now.  If you have already registered you can just sign up for the workshop by itself.

Tournament registrations are going well. You can sign up on the day but only if there are spaces left, so we suggest doing it ahead of time.  Signups via the Wellington On Board meetup group.


Good news – the Crepe man is booked in and will be with us on Saturday and – new entrant – the Langosh/chimney cake truck will be with us on Sunday evening.  Pre-order your lunches and you won’t even have to step away from the venue to eat!!  For dinner there are a myriad of food outlets around the school – Wholy Bagels, Thorndon Chippery, Subway, New World, … check out this map showing them all.

Given how hard it is to park in Thorndon we encourage people to walk, use public transport, car pool or get dropped off and picked up. Wellycon is up Murphy St from the Bus and Train Stations and there is a bus stop 100m away opposite New World.  However, we can park on the school sports field!  So just follow the signs on the day, or check out the map to see where the sports field is in relation to the school entrance.


The best way we can grow the community is by telling people about it.  Pass the word to your friend, workmates, choir members, kids school, sewing circle, coffee store staff…. anyone you bump into on a day-to-day basis!  Or put up a flyer (attached) on your community notice board.  The more people join us, the more friends you’ll have to play with!

We’d like to say how grateful we are to everyone for coming along; Wellycon’s success is down to you fabulous people venturing down and enjoying yourself, making friends and supporting each other and us.  Here’s to 2016, the best fun and friendly convention yet!


Ceedee & the Wellycon team

Building community through games

Wellycon – the biggest, fun, friendly board game convention in NZ

Wellycon facebook, @Wellycon_nz


Many thanks to our major sponsors, without whom it would be a pretty boring affair!!

as well as Burger Fuel, Cerberus Games, Caffeinated Dragon, Capital E, Cheeky Parrot Games, Clockwork Emporium, Games & Hobbies, Garphill Games, GlenGarry Wines, Graphic, Mighty Ape, NZ ComicCon,Pixelpark, Reading Cinemas, Seriously Board, Subway, Tarata Games, Thistle Inn, Toyworld, WN City, Treefrog Games, Wellington on board, Weta Workshop, Zumo Coffee Roasters

Wellycon IX – Gamers, Romans, Countrymen

Friends, Romans, Gamers… lend me your ears!
Can you believe it’s our 9th Wellycon – Wellycon IX!? We in the committee have been busy beavering away to make this year’s Roman-themed games better than ever.

What’s on this year?
  • Tournaments – it wouldn’t be roman if there weren’t tournaments!  Sign up here on Welllington On Board.
  • Play-to-win – several of the latest games will be yours to try and given away to one lucky player.
  • Kids session – sunday morning kids-special, including treasure hunt and a life-size game created and run by Capital E.
  • Workshops – sign up to create your own wooden Roman board game or leather-bound book to take away.
  • Game designers corner – try out still-forming prototypes and meet the designers.
  • Game design competition – get creative and see what you can create in just a short time!
  • Trade table – swap or trade-up those games that just don’t get the love they should.
Only 5 weeks to go!  Registration is now OPEN; register early to ensure you get your goody bag (including limited edition IX die). 

We still have sponsorship opportunities for some of the tournaments and the spot prizes during the day, so if you or someone you know would like to be involved please get in touch with us at

Finally, Wellycon is run by a group of enthusiastic group of volunteers.  We would like to thank all the volunteers who run the tournaments, sit on the registration desk, help with the kids session, on the organising committee and generally make it an awesome event that everyone really enjoys.  We would love a couple more to help with the kids session and 2 tournaments need a coordinator – if you can help please reply here and we’ll get you the support you need to get involved. 

We’re really looking forward to catching up with everyone on June 4 & 5th – and we want to grow the gaming community so if you have a fun idea, let us know!  Come with your friends, spread the word, pass this on to your colleagues, gaming group, facebook friends and clubmates, the more the merrier!

Cheers to a fabulous weekend of gaming!

Ceedee & the Wellycon team

Building community through games


Many thanks to our major sponsors, without whom it would be a pretty boring affair!!

as well as Mighty ApeWeta Workshop, Schilmil, Caffeinated Dragon, Garphill Games, Tarata, Cheeky Parrot Games, Games and Hobbies, Graphic Comics, Seriously Board, PixelPark, WellingtonOnBoard and Toyworld City.

2016 Wellycon update – venue, NZ Comic Con & ideas please!

Hi everyone,

A quick update to let you know we’re underway planning for Wellycon 2016.  We have a new venue which we believe will work better than last year – Wellington Girls High School.  more on that later…

We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with the new upcoming ‘NZ Comic Con’.  This means that we can spread the game-loving goodness wider and enslave (oops, did that come out of my mouth?) ah, I mean, introduce a whole new load of unsuspecting wellingtonians to the wonders of modern board gaming.

We’d like to make every year’s event even more fun and interesting than before, so if you have any ideas for things we could do, things you’d be interested in, or contacts you have for great guests then please let us know!  email info at wellycon dot org dot nz


Ceedee & the team

Wellycon 2015 Game Design Competition

Richard Durham ran another Game Design Competition this year, and he reports that it went well despite having only 3 teams of two people.

Three teams competed to create a new game from the corpses of common children’s games, using a mystery theme shared across all teams. Given the theme of “The future,’ the teams had an hour and a half to craft custom mechanics and bits for their games.

When time was up, the dice were put down and the presentations began. For the next hour, three judges – Designers: Shem Phillips, Amanda Milne, and Rich Durham – joined a travelling member from each team to play a 15-minute demo of each game. These 6 voters graded entries (not their own!) on five criteria  ranging from integration of the “Future” theme and the older game to the ‘fun’ factor of the game.

In the end, the winner was a game based on a Tumbling Monkey’s set, where the Space Monkeys where colonising Mars. Players were letting the monkeys out while collecting sets of the colours in order to race up corresponding scoring tracks.

The two other entries took a twist on theme, and had players playing the market in a ‘futures prediction’ style games. While both had a unique use of the old-game parts, they didn’t quite measure up to the fun of the tumbling monkeys.

All participants had a good time, and the winning team members had some great pulls from the tournament prize table!

Next year’s event will be sleeker competition – with less required bits, and more emphasis on the design. As an annual tournament, a trophy is in order!

Wellycon 2015 Trading Report

AuctionSheetIn previous years at Wellycon we have held trading sessions where people have a limited time to swap or sell their games – which led to frenetic trading in some years but was less successful in others.  This year we held a swap session at lunch time each day plus an all day silent auction for people who wanted to sell games.  A silent auction is just a fancy term for a paper version of a TradeMe/eBay style auction.  This format allowed people to try to swap their games at lunch time and if they weren’t successful to put them up for sale for the rest of the day.

Only a couple of people indicated interest in trading games before Wellycon.  So we were pleasantly surprised to run out of swap labels for people to put on their games!  We know (from the number of labels we printed) at least 24 games were up for swapping plus other games for sale only.  Judging by how fast games disappeared from trading tables most of the games on offer went home with new owners, making trading at Wellyon 2015 the most successful ever.

Wellycon update: Wellycon is coming – and it’s a darn site warmer than winter!

First in, best dressed!  Register now to ensure you get a goodie bag.  We have a limited number of goodies bag items so they will go to the pre-registered game fans first!

Food – NOTE: lunches and dinners must be pre-ordered through  It’s a little trek from the site to go get food.

The Wellycon dice have arrived (very exciting!).  You might have seen the picture on the facebook page.

Couchsurfing Wellycon – someone has set up a couchsurfing meetup on WOB, so if you can offer a bed or need one – put your name down here.  Great to see the community building!

Moooooore Prizes – Weta have given us an awesome RingWraith figure, and Schilmil, games & Hobbies and Seriously Board some game boxes to give away.  There will be spot prizes throughout the day, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the prize board to see if you’ve won.

Volunteers – If you would like to get behind the scenes of Wellycon, you can be a bigger part of the magic!

We’d love your help to continue the warm welcoming feel of Wellycon.  Whether helping people choose games or helping on the registration desk, we can use you.  It’s a small way to give back to the community – each shift is only a couple of hours, so there’s plenty of time to get your game on.

Silent auction – if you have a game you would like to trade, we will be running a silent auction.  Just look for the signs and fill in a form and see what happens!


Pass it on – flyer below for you to print off and put up at work, at the school, social club, community notice board and pass along to your friends.  We always like to meet new people, so invite a friend!

Wellycon 2015 Poster


……and that’s the short version! Any questions email us, or check the  facebook page, and @Wellycon_nz for details.  See you in no time,


Ceedee & the Wellycon team


Many thanks to our major sponsors, without whom it would be a pretty boring affair!!

as well as Weta Workshop, Schilmil, Caffeinated Dragon, Garphill Games, Tarata, Cheeky Parrot Games, Games and Hobbies, Graphic Comics, Seriously Board, Steam Incorporated, McDonalds, PixelPark, WellingtonOnBoard and Toyworld City.


What’s happening at Wellycon2015?

These are the tournaments for Wellycon 2015:

Tournament signups are now open, so if you’re interested in pitting your wits against your fellow gamers sign up now, limited places are available for each event. Register at Wellington on Board ( – joining is free.

What else is happening?

  • Game Designers Area
    • Try something so new it isn’t even finished yet!  You may be interested in getting feedback on games you’re working on or comparing ideas with others of like mind.  Feedback – our game designers can’t get enough of it!
  • Kids Session Sunday 10am – 2pm
    • Wellycon’s family-friendly reputation continues with the very popular kids session; a huge selection of games that they can really get into while you get your game on! Join the kids, and perhaps you’ll discover a new family favourite. The more the merrier (note: kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult to attend Wellycon).
  • Treasure Hunt – 2.15pm
    • There are various posters, printous and cutouts around the venue – see if you can find the clues to fill in your treasure sheet and claim your prize at the front desk!
  • Swap table
    • If you have acquired something that doesn’t suit your tastes, you may wish to barter with other attendees and swap for something different.  There will be one session each day at 12:30pm. Labels  in PDF or RTF format.
  • Selling and Buying Games
    • Download and print off an auction form (A4 or A5), fill it in and sellotape it to your game and leave them on the sale table until the end time you chose (I suggest 5pm), and then settle up with the highest bidder. You can put a “buy now” price on your game if you wish.
    • Come and make a bid on something you like the look of then go and play a game. Remember to check back later in the day to see if someone has over bid you and you need to put a new bid on. Sales are for cash.
  • Game Design Tourney
    • Last year’s experiment with the Game Design Tournament was really popular, so Richard Durham (a game designer himself) is going to run it again.  This year places are limited (24), so sign up when you register – first in first served.
  • Twilight Imperium
    • If you’d like to have a go at the BIG game, sign up on here.


So come on down for the gaming goodness you know and love.  and keep an eye out here for what’s happening – we will update it as new stuff pops up!


2015 Registration is open!

Register now for Wellycon 2015!

Sign up here or visit the ‘shop’ (on the right under My Order —>).


2015 planning underway

Wellycon 2015 planning has started.


It is on Queens Birthday weekend – 30/31 May 2015.  We are in the process of finding a venue big enough to take us which won’t take a dwarves-mine-worth of gold to secure and will have chairs/tables/lighting/carpet to make it a fun time for all.

We’re looking for volunteers to help with the Kids session (sunday), run a tournament, welcome and introduce new-comers to games, and general helpfulness.  If this sounds like you, or you would like to be involved in any other way please contact us on info@

Look forward to gaming with you in May!