At Labour weekend almost 80 people turned up on Saturday for Mini-Wellycon 2014 and 70 were there on Sunday. This was enough to fill the larger hall. About half the people had pre-registered at Wellington On Board and had pre-printed name badges waiting for them at the registration desk (which doubled as the snack bar).

The aim for this event was to keep it simple and laid back. We wanted to maximize playing time and minimize effort for the team of organisers. This allowed us more time to join in and play games than we get at Wellycon itself. The Wellington Bridge Club with its gaming tables and big kitchen is a great venue for an event of this size.

Waiting inside the hall was the Games Library. The Games Library is the heart of Wellycon. There were 200 games mostly provided by Eric and Ceedee, and supplemented by games brought by many other people. These were organised into groups of games ranging from fillers and card games through to long complex strategy games.

This was also reflected in the games played. At the heavy end there were two games of Caverna played on adjacent tables at one point. XIA: Legends of a Drift System was played both days and Terra Mystica was being played well past the official closing time on Saturday night. At the other end of the spectrum there was an increase in social gaming, such as Avalon, Zombie 15′, Space Cadets: Dice Duel and the Bucket Game.

We hope you all got to play something new to you as well as playing some of your favourite games.

Looking at some of the newer games it is clear that game companies are putting increasing emphasis on how good a game looks. May be next year we should run a photo competition so you can show off your talent at photographing wonderful looking games.

In the usual Wellycon tradition there were spot prizes drawn at intervals throughout each day. These were mostly vouchers provided by 3 local game vendors: Hobby Stop from Kilbirnie, Board Game Rentals and Cerberus in Dixon St.

If you brought games to Mini-Wellycon (or Wellycon) it may be worth your while checking the pieces; as there were a few bits added to our lost and found collection over the weekend, and we are sure you want them back.

Finally we need to thank those people who were still playing at 9pm on Sunday for staying on and helping us pack up and restore the chairs and tables to the regimented rows and columns for the Bridge Club. This helpfulness is great part of the Wellycon tradition.

We hope you had as much fun at Mini-Wellycon as we did putting it on.

The Wellycon Team