Wellycon Matiu/Somes New Year Holiday 
31st December 2019 to 2nd January 2020

Welcome, to Wellycon Island…

Yes indeed – we have booked out the WHOLE of Matiu-Somes Island in the Wellington Harbour for New Years Eve and Jan 1st, so that’s 2 nights, 3 days of non-stop gaming goodness.  That also means a maximum of 44 lucky people.

There will be a library of games (small, or at least smaller than the main-land events!), two types of accommodation and fully catered breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snack bar in the community hall.  This means you will be able to game all the way to the light of day, should you so desire, and definitely see in the New Year 2020 with new friends and a good dose of Forbidden- , Fireball- , Spirit- or even Dinosaur-Island!



Accomodation Type Price Total Availability
Camping $250 18 Spaces
House $300 24 Spaces

Your ticket includes:

  • Accommodation (2 nights, shared rooms/camp site)
  • Ferry trip both ways
  • Food – meals, snacks, everything!
  • Drink – tea/coffee/etc and bubbles to toast the new year
  • Basic game library

What YOU need to know

Matiu-Somes Island is one of NZ’s precious jewels – we are very lucky to be able to have it as ours for a little while.  We are all going to take extra special care of it for our extra special event.

Biosecurity check

Because Matiu/Somes Island is mammalian predator free, everything you bring will go through a strict bio-security check when you arrive to keep the resident animal populations safe. Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how to prepare your gear: https://youtu.be/yXNOpfW7PPQ.

They will be looking for mud, plant material, insects and rodents. So please check and clean ALL your gear before you leave home.  Please pay particular attention to anything that has been in contact with the ground i.e. shoes that have been stored in the shed, outside or roof space or you have used in the garden or out in the bush recently.  Even if you checked it before you packed it away – you must check it again as you pack to come to Wellycon Island.

The more gear you bring, the longer the bio-security check will take.

Campers – Sage advice from the rangers on Wellycon Island:

Do NOT bring multi-room tents.  This is one of the windiest cities in the world.  Many big tents have not survived their stay on Matiu-Somes Island.  Bring, or borrow, the smaller version if you have one.

It is likely that you will be asked to leave your tent at the quarantine station on arrival to be processed when the rangers have capacity to do so.  A representative will be asked to stay while they are processed.

You need to thoroughly clean your tent inside and out. There can be no  dirt or vegetation anywhere on the tent. We suggest that you turn it inside out, give it a good shake and then check all the corners.  Campers are the highest bio-security risk visitors.

NOTE: there is a provisioned camp kitchen including fridge but there is no shower. Do not bring any cooking stoves, they cannot be used on the island.


All food is provided, however if you have special needs, or really want to bring X with you then ensure that all food brought to the island is inside closed or sealed bags or boxes. E.g. not in open shopping bags. 

All unsealed food containers – yes anything, including your breakfast cereal, bag of chippies or favorite beef jerky – will be disposed of.


The library will be in the community hall, right by the accommodation in the centre of Wellycon Island.  There are several tables and many chairs. Lunches will be served here and a selection of snacks will be available for you to cruise as well.  There are great tables in the houses so we expect that there will be people gaming in the accommodation.

As with Wellycon, all the games are brought by you, the attendees, so remember the Gamers Guide when borrowing something.

Please label your games and ensure you collect them at the end of the weekend.

Due to the nature of the event, there will be no buy-swap-sell table, nor vendors and designers selling their games.

Camp Parents

Each of the three houses will have a ‘camp parent’ who will be responsible for the food and will coordinate the running of the house.  However, this does not mean they will be doing everything for you – this is a community, pitch in and share the meal prep, cleaning up afterwards and packing up of the accommodation.

  • Campers will be assigned to one of the 3 houses for their meals.
  • Lunches will be served at the central community hall and there will be snacks available there throughout.
  • All other meals will be served at your assigned house.

The houses will be available from 12pm on Tuesday 31st Dec until 11am on Tuesday 2nd Jan, however gaming will continue at the community hall until shortly before the last ferry sailing (approx 4pm).

You will need to bring:

  • Sleeping bag/bedding/sheet
    *For hygiene reasons please use a sheet on the beds, even if you are bringing a sleeping bag*
  • Warm clothes – Wellington weather can be unpredictable around then!
  • Walking shoes
  • Towel & personal toiletries
  • Torch with a red light (if you’re going walking at night)
  • Togs (if you want to swim)
  • Games!!
  • Campers will also have to bring pillows

Less is more here – just bring the basics. 

There is a 10 minute walk uphill(!) to the accommodation so bear that in mind when packing.  You will be expected to carry ALL your items with you up the hill and carry them when you leave.

What there is in the houses:

  • Houses have fully equipped kitchens, with gas oven and hob
  • Fridge
  • Pots, pans and utensils
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Tea towels, dishcloths, and cleaning products
  • Empty Rubbish bins and Compost bins (There is a compost heap outside)
  • Dining Table and chairs
  • Lounge with couches
  • Heat Pump
  • X6 single beds and x2 double beds with pillows and mattress protectors
  • Pillowcases and extra blankets (in linen cupboard)
  • Bathroom, shower, toilet, toilet paper & hand soap

Electricity is scarce – provided by wind power.  Therefore you are asked not to bring anything that requires a lot of energy e.g. hair dryers, tongs, computers, etc.  You will be able to charge your cellphone – but how about leaving it behind and being ‘digital free’ for the 3 days?!


Ferry services are provided by East By West ferries and go from either Queens Wharf (near the railway station) or Day’s Bay.  Wellycon Island ticket price includes return ferry – going to Somes on Tuesday 31st Dec and returning on Thursday 2 Jan 2020.  Vouchers will be provided to you when you arrive at the ferry. Full details will be sent to those who successfully register.

It is easiest for the rangers if we stagger the arrival times of people, so we will ask you to specify which ferry sailing you are choosing from which location (Day’s Bay or Queens Wharf).  Ferry timetables and locations can be found on the East By West website.


Kids are not unwelcome, however there is no children’s price.  We are sharing costs evenly across all attendees. Children are the responsibility of their guardians at ALL TIMES.

Special Assistance

Should you need special assistance please let us know in advance so that we can arrange this with the rangers on the island.

See you on Wellycon Island!

                  – The Wellycon team

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