Photos from day one of Wellycon X

Day one is over; some hard-core folks are still going at their all-nighter sessions, but some of us have to go to bed…! Here are Jonathan’s snaps from today. Featured games include the 2017 game Anachrony where in the future, players race back in time to rescue a devastated Earth; the classic Kramer & Ulrich 1995 award winner El Grande; the Vlaada Chvátil redesign of the classic civilisation game Through The Ages (A New Story of Civilisation); and the recent kickstarter hit, Scythe.

Thar she blows! Wellycon X sails into view

Less than two weeks to go to Wellycon, the pirate version, arr, harr! so what’s in the offing?

Anchors aweigh!  If you haven’t already signed up then here’s the place to go – Wellycon 2017.

Late night session – we sold out very quickly, so we’ve decided to up the numbers so that those on the waiting list can come along. 3 have already gone, so there are 3 new spaces left! If you want to party all night, go for it 🙂 If you have already registered, you can add this on its own.

Wellycon is, and always has been, about creating community through games. That’s why when we heard there were some people who wanted to come but couldn’t because of the price, we wanted to share the love. We are a not-for-profit operation but we don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t come, so if you, or someone you know, would like to be considered for a ‘community through games’ ticket, just message us direct with your/their details and we’ll send them a seriously discounted entry ticket. Only a few, so we’ll see how many we can afford depending on numbers.

Wellycon tshirt red.jpg

We’ve had quite a few requests to buy the ‘W’ Wellycon t-shirts which the lovely Rob created. So we’ve created a ‘swag shop’ where you can get your own t-shirt to wear. Scuttlebutt tells me there are plenty of colours and sizes to choose from, both men’s, kids’ and women’s cuts.

The schedule is out with all the events – show your true colours; sign up for tournaments, pirate quiz, lifesize codenames, and the Mega-game.

2017 Wellycon Dice small.jpg

Exciting times! The booty is here. Yes, the dice have arrived. The unique design this year has come out amazingly detailed, and we’re blown away. You’ll have to wait and see to find out what it is; let me just say it fits with this year’s theme 😉  Also, there are 30 sets (very limited run) of ALL the Wellycon dice ever created in a special edition dice bag.  On sale at this years event only.

Crepes and Coffees – yes the crepe guy (‘excuse my French’) has been confirmed and we are all French this year, as the fabulous French Kiss Cafe is going to be onsite at the coffee shop providing all your lunch, coffee, sweet and savoury needs! Our very own cafe onsite, we’re very lucky!

I’d like to personally say a big thank you to our key sponsors. I know it’s the ‘standard’ bit you get in these kinds of things, but seriously, they really help to make Wellycon the amazing event it is by providing awesome prizes for us to give away to you fine folks, so please spare a thought for them, and say hi at the event if you get the chance, particularly to Peter (board game rentals), Mark (Cerberus games), Ahmed (Counter Culture board game cafe (coming soon!)) and Shem (Garphill games) who are all going to be onsite.

Copy of the flyer attatched for you to put up at work, community notice board, social club or pass on to your friends.  See you very soon, you scurvy dawgs!

Ceedee & the Wellycon committee 

Wellycon Ho! she’s on the horizon lads!

Ahoy there mateys!  This year’s Wellycon is the 10th one, can you believe it?!

10 = X and X marks the spot

Whether you like them cartoon-, literary-, space- or just straight up Depp, there’s something fascinating about Pirates, isn’t there?  That’s the theme for this year’s event, so bring your best Jack Sparrow or Malcolm Reynolds brain with you for a weekend of ‘venturing.  A treasure trove of opportunities await, with special events and booty galore; there will be a piratical twist to the X-wing tournament, a treasure map game, and some Mega space-pirates along the way.

Registrations are open – discount for booking online, of course.  We have managed to keep the same prices as last year, despite all the extras (see below).

Once again this year, as well as the regular features of the con:

  • Tournaments – X-wing, Dominion, King of Tokyo, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride and Hoard have been set up so far.  Let us know if you want to see something in the list.

  • Kids’ session – ever popular, Sunday morning 10am-2pm.

  • Game designers – Try something so new it isn’t even finished yet!

  • Trade table

  • Late night session – back by popular demand (several people have asked already) for the lucky few who want that all-night gaming shot.  First in, first served when you register for Wellycon.

  • Extensive game library – and of course, plenty of time for just good solid game-playing from the fantastic library.

… you can expect a few new surprises for our 10th anniversary:

  • Aquila Rift – Yes, the rumours are true!  We are having a mega-game, created just for Wellycon!  Don’t know what a Mega-game is, check out this video from Shut up & Sit down.  Enormous fun for up to 40 people!!  Take your gaming to the next level – sign up here on meetup – first in first served!

  • Steve Jackson Games – will be on the floor and running either a tournament or a special event still to be determined!

  • WETA workshop – are coming down and bringing some of their heavy hitters – in every sense of the word.

  • Life-size CodeNames – a social game for 20 people.  Everyone is assigned a word and it’s up to you to work out who is on your team, and who is masquerading!

  • Limited edition 10th anniversary dice – in addition to this year’s traditional D6, we are releasing a VERY limited edition D10 dice and…. an even MORE limited edition full set of all the previous years Wellycon dice.  Something to look forward to.

Keep an eye on the 2017 Wellycon page for the full schedule of events which we’re updating all the time.

Heart of the team

Tic Tac Toe, Love, Heart, Play, Ankreuzen

Finally, Wellycon is run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.  If you feel you could represent the warm heart of Wellycon, please  Volunteer when you sign up  to be an integral part of this fabulous event.  Don’t worry we’ll team you up with someone who can show you the ropes, and the pulleys, and the mainbrace and the gangplank, aharrr.

We would like to thank all the ‘on-the-day’ volunteers who run tournaments, sit on the registration desk, help with the library or teaching games, who make our event such an enjoyable experience.  The warmth and care we show is the most valuable part of this community – so thankyou.

So here’s to a fantastic event, looking forward very much to seeing you all on June 3 & 4th.

Register now to secure your spot

Happy gaming,


Ceedee & the Wellycon team

PS: To keep up to date with the latest – keep an eye on the links below

A Wellington edition of Monopoly

In the news recently is the planned launch this November of a Wellington edition of that old chestnut, Monopoly. You can submit your favourite Wellington places via their Facebook page; I think the bucket fountain surely has to be in there somewhere!

Remember folks, to win Monopoly you must buy everything you land on and build houses as quickly as possible, and then deplete the housing stock by never upgrading your four houses to hotels, until everyone else is nearly broke. All of which makes for a prolonged, cut-throat gaming experience, mostly driven by luck, with a pretty dismal BGG rating of just 4.4 out of 10. This guy explains why it’s not actually that much fun, and gives some interesting, better-rated alternatives. Perhaps there should be a Wellington-themed edition of Powergrid, or Ticket to Ride!

In any event, it seems to me that if you like board games and are in Wellington, you could come to Wellycon this Queen’s Birthday weekend, where you can discover and play these board games and a zillion more, to suit all tastes.

Mini-Wellycon 2014 Report

At Labour weekend almost 80 people turned up on Saturday for Mini-Wellycon 2014 and 70 were there on Sunday. This was enough to fill the larger hall. About half the people had pre-registered at Wellington On Board and had pre-printed name badges waiting for them at the registration desk (which doubled as the snack bar).

The aim for this event was to keep it simple and laid back. We wanted to maximize playing time and minimize effort for the team of organisers. This allowed us more time to join in and play games than we get at Wellycon itself. The Wellington Bridge Club with its gaming tables and big kitchen is a great venue for an event of this size.

Waiting inside the hall was the Games Library. The Games Library is the heart of Wellycon. There were 200 games mostly provided by Eric and Ceedee, and supplemented by games brought by many other people. These were organised into groups of games ranging from fillers and card games through to long complex strategy games.

This was also reflected in the games played. At the heavy end there were two games of Caverna played on adjacent tables at one point. XIA: Legends of a Drift System was played both days and Terra Mystica was being played well past the official closing time on Saturday night. At the other end of the spectrum there was an increase in social gaming, such as Avalon, Zombie 15′, Space Cadets: Dice Duel and the Bucket Game.

We hope you all got to play something new to you as well as playing some of your favourite games.

Looking at some of the newer games it is clear that game companies are putting increasing emphasis on how good a game looks. May be next year we should run a photo competition so you can show off your talent at photographing wonderful looking games.

In the usual Wellycon tradition there were spot prizes drawn at intervals throughout each day. These were mostly vouchers provided by 3 local game vendors: Hobby Stop from Kilbirnie, Board Game Rentals and Cerberus in Dixon St.

If you brought games to Mini-Wellycon (or Wellycon) it may be worth your while checking the pieces; as there were a few bits added to our lost and found collection over the weekend, and we are sure you want them back.

Finally we need to thank those people who were still playing at 9pm on Sunday for staying on and helping us pack up and restore the chairs and tables to the regimented rows and columns for the Bridge Club. This helpfulness is great part of the Wellycon tradition.

We hope you had as much fun at Mini-Wellycon as we did putting it on.

The Wellycon Team

Mini-Wellycon 2014

It is less than two weeks to Labour Weekend and Mini-Wellycon. A slimmed down version of your favourite gaming weekend. After two days of gaming and meeting new people, you will still have Monday off work to mow the lawns. The main focus will be on quality game playing time and a good games library so feel free to bring your latest and greatest or just peruse from the selection.

We will be using the Wellington Bridge Club again at 17 Tinakori Road.

Signups open at
Mini-Wellycon Sat 25 Oct
Mini-Wellycon Sun 26 Oct

Normal $10 entry, $5 for kids for 10am-10pm, pay on the day (sorry NO EFTPOS available).

Tournaments were a popular feature of Wellycon 2014. If anyone wants to step up and run (or help run) a tournament at mini-Wellycon, please make contact with us so we can schedule and announce them. The first tournament announced is a Zombie Dice Tournament.

Travel and parking – given how hard it is to park in Thorndon we encourage people to walk, use public transport, car pool, get dropped off and picked up. Wellycon is 1.2km up Mulgrave / Murphy St from the Bus and Train Stations and there is a bus stop 100m away on Thorndon Quay. There are 30 car parks at the Wellington Bridge Club venue. In addition there are 10-hr parks along some areas of Thorndon Quay (check the signs) and on the Hutt Road north of Lighting Plus.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Ceedee and the Wellycon team

Commencing countdown, engines on

Guess what, less than 2 weeks to go to Wellycon! It is absolutely amazing – we already have over 100 people pre-registered! We’re on track for a record breaking attendance and the best prizes ever. So sign up here to guarantee your place before pre-registration closes end of Sunday 25th May.

What else do you need to know about? Well, we have a kids-specific session running 10-3pm on the Saturday, with games that your 6-12 yr old will love. Toyworld is coming to the party with prizes for the kids playing.

Weta Workshops have also come forward with a signed limited edition figurine for the King of Tokyo tournament, Cheeky Parrot Games are sponsoring the Raid the Pantry tournament, Games and Hobbies online store are claiming dominion over Dominion and there will be a 7-wonders board design competition, so get your thinking caps on for the best wonder, real or imagined… Sign up here for the tournaments as they are filling up.

A few requests/reminders for everyone:

  • Library – As you know we have a huge library of games all of which are all brought in by you the attendees. Quick reminder to name your games so that they get back to the right people at the end.
  • Swap-a-dice – we’re thinking ahead to the 10th anniversary and we would really like to put together some anniversary sets of wellycon die. If you have dice from previous years, please can you bring any spare ones to the event and we will swap you for an extra one of this years dice.
  • Retro games – If you have games which are more than 20 years old, we would love to have them on display, or to be played with, in the retro games area. Please let us know if you can help with this area –
  • Travel & Parking – a reminder that parking is limited in Thorndon, but we are near the train station and some local businesses and school have offered their parking for the event. See the website or previous blog entry for details.

This is looking like it’s going to be an epic event. We’re so looking forward to seeing many friends, new and old, epic victories and fun times ahead!

Thanks to all our fabulous sponsors for supporting what’s going to be a game-tastic weekend!

Brought to you by our major sponsors: Board Game Rentals, Cerberus Games and The Hobby Stop

with help from: Wellington on Board on Meetup, MariLuca Ristoro, Glengarry Wines Thorndon, McDonalds, Bunny StSubway, Habitual Fix Featherston, Weta Workshop, Cheeky Parrot Games, Westpac, Lampton Quay, StarbucksGames and Hobbies, Video Tonite Molesworth St, Graphic, Toyworld City, PixelPark.

Ceedee & the Wellycon team

PS If you want to keep in touch with the latest check out the Facebook page or @Wellycon_nz.

Update on Wellycon 2014

Not long to wait now til the gaming goodness is here – there’s only 5 weeks to go! Here’s all the goss:

The good news is registrations are open, with an earlybird discount, so if you pre-register you will get $5 off the price for the whole weekend!

Wellycon’s family-friendly reputation continues with a specific kids session running which will have games that they can really get into and keep them busy while the adults get their game on! So bring your 6-12 year olds along, the more the merrier (note: kids must be accompanied by an adult to attend Wellycon).

The game designers area is shaping up nicely with 5 designers coming along to play-test their games with as many of you as possible. Our own adopted New Zealand designer, Martin Wallace, will be here trying out his latest creations. Martin has had over 30 games published, including Age of Steam which won the International Gamers Award 2003 and is still one of the top 20 games on boardgamegeek. Martin and the other designers are very keen to get feedback on what they’re developing and we’ll have games on the go all weekend.

Tournament signups have started, so if you’re interested in pitting your wits against your fellow gamers sign up now. Register at Wellington on Board ( – joining is free.

Some of our fabulous core team have been out getting sponsorship for the event so many thanks to MariLuca Restaurant (dinner for 2), Glengarry (2 bottles wine), SchilMil Games, McDonald’s Bunny St, Subway Mulgrave St, and Habitual Fix for coming to the party so far, as well as our major sponsors – The Hobby Stop, Cerberus Games and Graphic.  We still have sponsorship opportunities for some of the tournaments and the spot prizes during the day, so if you or someone you know would like to be involved please get in touch with us.

Travel and parking – Given how hard it is to park in Thorndon we encourage people to walk, use public transport, car pool, get dropped off and picked up. Wellycon is 1.2km up Mulgrave / Murphy St from the Bus and Train Stations and there is a bus stop 100m away on Thorndon Quay. The great news is that many of the organisations in the local community are helping us out and we can now use parking in several other locations in addition to the 30 car parks at the Wellington Bridge Club venue. These include:

  • Victoria Bridge Club, 400m up Tinakori Rd, about 20 parks
  • Capital Auto Super Shoppe, on the corner of Park Street and Tinakori Rd (former petrol station), about 15 parks
  • There is 10 hour parking on the Hutt Rd north of Lighting Plus (350m from the venue)
  • The Royal Society, 650m away on Murphy St, 17 parks
  • Wilson’s carpark on Murphy St near the US Embassy, $5 all day parking

We now have a Twitter account, so follow @Wellycon_nz to receive the latest news as well as updates on the day. Tweet your epic victories (and ignominious defeats) on the #wellycon hashtag and see them on the big screen. Remember: pics or it didn’t happen.

Finally, we’re really looking forward to catching up with everyone on May 31st. Invite your friends, spread the word, pass this on to your colleagues, gaming group, Facebook friends and club mates, the more the merrier! Looking forward to an awesome weekend,

Ceedee and the Wellycon team

Announcing Wellycon 2014 – Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Let it be known around the game verse, Wellington’s 7th annual board game convention is soon upon us!

It has been decreed that wondrous activities are soon to be held on the sovereign’s remembrance day (Queen’s Birthday). Thou shalt get the chance to try something new from Ye well-stocked Library, catch up with your friends from the gaming community or make some new ones! With the increasing population growth (we’ve out-grown our last space!), the location has moved across the kingdom to the spacious and friendly Wellington Bridge Club rooms, Tinakori Road, Thorndon.

Sat May 31: 10am-10pm
Sun Jun 01: 10am-10pm

To commemorate this being the 7th anniversary, there will be seven tournaments to enter with bounteous and wonderful prizes. Come and increase your martial prowess in a battle of wits in Dominion, X-Wing, Netrunner or Perplexus. Here is a chance for you to get involved – if you have a favourite game, perhaps one which you think would make a good event, let us know.

What else is happening?

Game Designers Area – Try something really new! or if you are one of the wizened folk, you may be interested in getting feedback on games you may have in development, or comparing ideas with others of like mind.

Epic Games – If you like the idea of one entertainment for at least 5 bells, you may wish to harken to the designated area for discussing or viewing the longer games in action. We will have at least one on the go during the entire event.

Swap table – If you have acquired entertainment that doesn’t suit your tastes, you may wish to discuss with other attendees and swap for something different. There will be one session each day.

T-shirts – This year for the first time, memorabilia garments will be available for purchase (limited run). Please let us know when you pre-register if you would like one and what size.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors – The Hobby Stop and Board Game Rentals prices have remained the same as last year!

Entrance will be admitted at the following rates:

Adult 1 day $10
Adult 2 day $15
Adult after 5pm $5
Child (<13) 1 day $5 (accompanied with adult) Families 1 day $20

1 person $10 (pre-registration preferred, only 10 tickets available on the day)

Sat – Chinese Delights
Sun – Lasagne & salad

There will be further posting about securing your place and for details about how you can pre-register.

Looking forward to a fabulous tourney, pennants flying, games olde & new and time with friends a-plenty. See you there!

May The Lady smile on your endeavours.

Ceedee and the Wellycon team

Mini Wellycon Labour Weekend 2013

It’s a 1-day version of Wellington’s biggest board game convention.

Labour Weekend
Sunday 27 October 10am – 10pm

Charles Plimmer Park/ex Bandoliers Building,
Lawson Place,

$5 entry, tea & coffee provided.
$10 for pizza dinner & drink.

Register at Wellington on Board ( – joining is free.

All-day games, meet up with other gamers, extensive library to choose from. Family friendly table games.

2pm Race for the Galaxy tournament.

4pm Swap table – bring anything you want to swap with someone else (it may pay to bring a few $ just in case you need to balance up).

BoardGameRentals are going to have a range of games on site which you can buy or you can join their rental scheme.

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