It is my pleasure to announce the 5th Annual Wellycon, The nation’s largest board game convention from June 2nd – June 3rd, 2012. Wellycon 2012 is your chance to play new games, perhaps games you have been dying to try. It is your chance to put faces to names that you have heard of from Boardgamegeek and a chance to connect with your gaming buddies from Wellington and all over the country. There is something very special about connecting with people from the community, even if it is only once or twice a year, and this is the place to do it. Last year there were more than 150 of these friendly faces and we are expecting many more this year. However it is also the place to meet new faces and our dedicated teachers will be on hand to greet you and help organise a game of something new that you may not have tried before.

Thanks to the Queen and her symbolic birthday this is a long weekend and is ideal for the 24 hours of gaming we have planned over the weekend. Wellycon is dedicated exclusively to playing board games, but you can expect a vendors stall and for the first time the opportunity to buy and sell second hand games. This is an excellent opportunity to get your new games at online prices but postage free thanks to our dedicated partner Seriously Board. Seriously Board have been with us almost from the start and we are pelased to have them on board again this year. Check them out at

As always most gaming is social but you can expect a Tichu tournament on Saturday and a Race for the Galaxy tournament on Sunday. Sign up for these at the desk when you arrive at the con.

Last years classy comfortable venue turned out to be a big step up, and despite costs escalating through the roof this year we will returning to our comfortable abode on the edge of the central city at Massey University.

Student Services Trust (aka MAWSA) Building
Level 1 (above Tussock Bar and Café)
Massey University, Entrance E
Tasman Street
Massey University

We will be kicking off at 10am each day and running through to approximately 10pm both nights. We have a variable price scale ranging from “this ought to be illegal (if this is your first con) to just plain old “scandelously good value” for a single day. Families are welcome but children under 15 need to be accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately there won’t be any specific family session this year, but this won’t stop many families getting out to enjoy new games at the con.

Single day newbie pass $5
Single day adult pass $10
Single day child pass $5
Single day family pass $25
Single session (2 hr) pass $5

Weekend newbie pass $10
Weekend adult pass $15
Weekend child pass $10
Weekend family pass $45

To fast track your registration you will want to register bysending an email to our registration address, with your home town, name and number of people attending. If you have attended previous Wellycons let us know and if you have a BGG user id if you have one. This will ensure you avoid the queues and can get into gaming as quickly as possible. Please also get in touch with us if you want to volunteer as a teacher or facilitator. Teaching is a core part of facilitating a friendly game experience and we are committed to matching every person with an excellent game experience, be they fresh to this style of game or a seasoned pro.

Can I also suggest you check out our game related commentry and convention updates at on Facebook. I’ve recently been checking out game shops in the north and you might appreciate a different perspective on where to visit if you are up that way.

I trust I haven’t missed any details, but feel free to ask questions. I hope you are as excited as I am for this 5th annual weekend of gaming.