In the news recently is the planned launch this November of a Wellington edition of that old chestnut, Monopoly. You can submit your favourite Wellington places via their Facebook page; I think the bucket fountain surely has to be in there somewhere!

Remember folks, to win Monopoly you must buy everything you land on and build houses as quickly as possible, and then deplete the housing stock by never upgrading your four houses to hotels, until everyone else is nearly broke. All of which makes for a prolonged, cut-throat gaming experience, mostly driven by luck, with a pretty dismal BGG rating of just 4.4 out of 10. This guy explains why it’s not actually that much fun, and gives some interesting, better-rated alternatives. Perhaps there should be a Wellington-themed edition of Powergrid, or Ticket to Ride!

In any event, it seems to me that if you like board games and are in Wellington, you could come to Wellycon this Queen’s Birthday weekend, where you can discover and play these board games and a zillion more, to suit all tastes.