Hi everyone,

A quick update to let you know we’re underway planning for Wellycon 2016.  We have a new venue which we believe will work better than last year – Wellington Girls High School.  more on that later…

We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with the new upcoming ‘NZ Comic Con’.  This means that we can spread the game-loving goodness wider and enslave (oops, did that come out of my mouth?) ah, I mean, introduce a whole new load of unsuspecting wellingtonians to the wonders of modern board gaming.

We’d like to make every year’s event even more fun and interesting than before, so if you have any ideas for things we could do, things you’d be interested in, or contacts you have for great guests then please let us know!  email info at wellycon dot org dot nz


Ceedee & the team